Hinges VLX / VL


VARIO hinges VLX / VL for commercial constructions

VARIO hinges VLX / VL in sizes 100, 120 and 160 for rebated / unrebated doors with steel, timber and aluminium frames. In combination with special receivers, VARIO hinges are three-dimensionally adjustable, for precise positioning as well as ease and speed of installation. VARIO hinges VLX / VL are specially designed to meet the particularly high standards for commercial constructions and mainly apply to fire and burglar resistant as well as sound-proof doors. Apart from high stress values (up to 300 kg), these hinges offer long-life performance under the most arduous conditions. A combination of design and functionality –  thanks to concealed, maintenance-free slide bearings, internal pin and numerous high-quality finishes.

Technical features

  • Three-dimensionally adjustable through combination with special receivers
  • Ease of installation and correction of fit
  • Concealed, maintenance-free slide bearings
  • Internal, torsion-proof pin
  • Optionally available with security pin
  • Optionally with reinforcing dowel for hinge stabilization in case of heavy load
  • Material thickness 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm for steel and stainless steel

Finishes available

  • Steel, galvanized / yellow-galvanized
  • Steel, nickel-plated / matt nickel-plated
  • Steel, matt / polished chrome-plated
  • Steel, gold-plated
  • Steel, brass-plated
  • Steel, burnished
  • Stainless steel, satin / polished
  • RAL-coloured